Day 1:
I woke up today in this new world. Not sure where I was or how I got here. I just materialized like something out of the Matrix. I grabbed what I could find laying around, a shovel, a pickaxe and some food. As I looked around I didn’t recognize anything. I was unsure of my surroundings. I headed south. I know there is something out there. Something more that what I can see. I shall keep a journal of my findings as I go.

Day 2:
If you are watching this it seems my time is much different than yours. 1 day in this world is about 20 minutes of your time. If this is day two I have gone though about 2 1/2 months of walking. So much walking, I think my feet hurt. Surprisingly I have the ability to walk on water. Am I Jesus? I really don’t know who I am at this point, although I do look like a dog of some sorts. I see a lot of creatures in this world. I have come across some unique animals as well. I will keep you updated on my findings. The world here changes ever so often. At times I find myself walking in a jungle, next thing I know I am traveling though a desert. I am going to have to find a jacket to wear, there are areas where it gets really cold. Ill write more tomorrow.

Day 3:
Another few months have passed. I am getting really tired. I think I have traveled about 1 million blocks as you would call them. I have not found much yet. However I did pass though a town the other day. I met some really interesting people. They call themselves villagers. They offered me a place to sleep, I declined. I need to set my pace and find what I am looking for. What am I looking for? This is unknown at this time, however I do know I am looking for something at the end of this. The villagers offered me some food and I was on my way. They did want my emeralds for trade. Apparently this is their currency. I am going to have to collect more of these emeralds on my journey. Before I left the village, they mentioned to me about a big monster that protects their village, they called it the Golem. They say he fights off all the bad creatures that try to enter the town. I will do more research on this during my journey.

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